Bonus photos from the Gopher Hole

Hi everyone! I’m back in Bemidji again after a fun working weekend covering the BSU-Gophers series. I spent my day off visiting family in Duluth and going through all the photos I took at the series.

Here’s a bonus gallery of extra shots from Sunday’s game.

If you missed it, here are links to the original photo galleries:

Saturday’s game: Gophers 4, BSU 1

Sunday’s Game: BSU 6, Gophers 2

(Note: These photos, as with any of my photos, can be ordered in 5×7 or 8×10 format by calling The Pioneer at 218-333-9200 during normal business hours).

Most of the photos I shot were through photographer Gopher holes in the corners of the rink at ice level around Mariucci Arena. Most modern rinks have these holes to aid us photographers. Shooting through thick plexiglass can distort focus and color and create a less than superior image. Even the best arenas have dark lighting, which also hinder the process.

The rinks with holes in the corners eliminate those problems because you get right down to the action and eliminate the plexiglass filter. That means sharper photos and more accurate color. And very cool hockey photos.

The John Glas Fieldhouse does not have these photographer holes, but I’ve been told that the Bemidji Regional Event Center will have them. Exciting!

I shot about 600 photos between the two games: It’s the joy and curse of digital photography.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend, starting with this photo of Sunday night’s game during the national anthem. This photo is created by stitching together 17 photos taken over the span of about 20 seconds. Its original form is about 25 inches wide, but this image is scaled down for web use. Also, because of its odd shape, it cannot be printed to due technical constraints– it’s a web only special! Pretty cool huh?